December 20, 2021

Real Madrid vs Cádiz: Post-Match Press CONFERENCE

Carlo Ancelotti spoke to the media in the Santiago Bernabéu press room after the match.

“I’m very happy when we win, even if we play badly. If we play badly and lose, I’m not happy. If we play well and don’t win, I’m still happy. So I’m happy tonight. We tried everything from the first minute to the last. It didn’t work out for us today. We missed a little bit of quality in the final 30 meters, but there’s nothing to criticize. Games like these can happen sometimes. There’s a lot of positives to take from this match. The only thing that’s not positive is we didn’t get the 3 points. At times you don’t deserve to win and you win, we have to move on”.

“The team’s performance was good. It was a more difficult match in terms of our technical characteristics, more complicated, in which there’s no space, they let you play on the outside, we’re not the strongest when it comes to crosses because our forwards have got different characteristics. These games are the hardest ones for us, but I’m satisfied with the team’s commitment, with how well we did with the ball. Casemiro won every ball, we got a lot of players involved when we attacked, I think we have to keep calm and focus on the next game, which is going to be difficult”.

Cádiz and Sevilla

“Cádiz tried to do everything necessary for this match, close the lines, defend, play long, and they did what they had to do and so did we. We didn’t score, but we tried until the end. Looking at the table, Sevilla are now closer to us. They’re a team that has a lot of technical qualities, they’re committed, and have a fan base that really gets behind them. So, as things stand, we have to say that Sevilla are closer to us and we’ll have to battle against them. I’d say that there’s a long way to go and some of the teams that are further back will close in too”.

“A red card for Casemiro’s tackle would have been excessive. I didn’t see what happened. I think that it was a foul that was made to prevent a counter-attack and that the yellow card was fair, but as I say, I didn’t see it. A point is a point and that’s two points we’ve dropped here. Sometimes we’ve won games that we didn’t deserve to win and that levels itself out with those games where we haven’t deserved to win. There’s no issue in terms of replacing Casemiro because Camavinga can fill in there. We were really lacking down the right-hand side and we have to give a lot of thought to Wednesday’s game and who will play down the right”.


“He struggled a little bit to get into the game in the first half, just like the rest of the team. He did better in the second half. You’re right when you say that he struggles a bit more on the outside and he’s not so used to playing on the right. He linked up well with KarimHazard is obviously another weapon that we’ve got now in the second half of the season”.


Luka is a very important player for us. He was performing really well and has had this problem. There’s no issue. This week was a bit of an odd one, but I think that the team tried its best and was committed. I can’t fault them and we now have to look after ourselves. Everyone has to look after themselves at the moment because I think that people’s Health is the most important thing and we have to fight together against this virus”.


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