March 15, 2022

Mallorca 0-3 Real Madrid | Post Match Quotes


🗣“We took the victory, which is the most important thing for us. It is a moment in which we are confident. We are reaching the end of the season with a lot of desire, enthusiasm and good results, which makes the team continue to grow”.

🗣”We’ll see how the injured players are, hopefully, it’s nothing serious at all. Let’s see how they progress over the of the week, let’s hope it’s not injuries but just a scare”.

El Clásico

🗣”It’s a game that we’ve got our eyes on. The Clásico in front of our fans is always special. We’ll work hard over the next few days to try to prepare it in the best way. We are going to try to win”.


🗣“It was important to win today. We knew that the rivals below us had lost points. It was a difficult game, but with high pressure, we managed to get the first goal and then it opened up”.

“We knew that they were going to press and would have the support of the fans, which also encourages. I think we made very good plays, although we couldn’t manage to convert our chances. But as I’ve already said, in the second half the scoreboard opened up”.


🗣” I feel sorry for Rodrygo & just hope it’s nothing serious and that he recovers soon if he has something. It is part of football, there are things that I am not going to comment about the referee. when, I think of mine, I think it was not a yellow and that put me at a disadvantage for the rest of the game. I respect everything the referee does”.


🗣“When a colleague is injured there is always concern from the whole squad. We are a big team in which we are all working for the same thing and ever plays will be ready”.


🗣“Nothing changes. We have an advantage and that’s positive at this stage of the season. We have to make sure we head into the international break in good shape. I think, physically, the team is good & fit”. 

🗣“We did really well in the second half and nothing has changed. The only thing that we have to focus on, is winning on Sunday and that’s it”.

🗣“We have to assess the injuries after a few days. They do not seem very serious things but we have to assess them. Rodrygo seems to be just a blow that has left him in a lot of pain, Ferland has a muscle overload in his abductor and Karim didn’t feel very comfortable after he jumped for the header. We have to wait until Wednesday to see if they can recover for Sunday.”

Maffeo challenge on Vini Jr.

“It’s the part of football. Sometimes these thing happen. Maffeo had no intention of hurting him. It was a hard-fought match with a lot of challenges and the referee at the end made the right decisions, I think they were fair. Once we took the lead, I took off Valverde and Casemiro to avoid another booking. I think it was a very competitive game and ultimately the result was a fair one”.

Losing La Liga with 10-point advantage?

🗣“Look, I lost a Champions League final while winning 3-0. I hope it won’t happen again.”

On Real Madrid Fitness Coach Antonio Pintus

🗣“He is doing a spectacular job on the physical profile. He has a lot of respect from the players and we are combining the physical load with a technical-tactical load very well. And players feel good with him”.

10 points ahead of Sevilla?

🗣“It doesn’t change anything. Every game is important and we want to win El Clásico on Sunday”.


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