May 8, 2022

Reliving a magical night as Real Madrid pulls off the impossible!

“From the depths of despair to the heights of ecstasy” – these words will forever be embedded in the hearts of Madridistas around the world as they saw their club, Real Madrid make yet another incredible, seemingly impossible comeback against British giants and UCL favorites, Manchester City.

Karim Benzema’s caps off Real Madrid’s epic comeback with a penalty kick in extra time. Los Blancos are headed to Paris.

It was truly a magical night at the Bernabeu, the place where miracles do happen! And us, we were fortunate enough to see our prized Real Madrid complete the ‘Remontada’ against all odds. Indeed, we thought it was the end of the world when Manchester City’s Riyad Mahrez slotted the ball in the top right corner, but a part of our hearts knew that “Real Madrid’s royalty will never fade, for our Madrid carry a billion soul”.

The Bernabeu came roaring in the 90th minute as Rodrygo thumped in the first, two minutes later, in came Rodrygo again with his second goal, that too from a header, equalizing the aggregate and achieving the inevitable. The Bernabeu faithful and Madridistas around the world watching the game knew that #APorLa14, the dream is still alive, and in Peter ‘Shakespeare’ Drury’s words, “Real Madrid refuse to die, their fans refuse to be beaten.”

The momentum as it was after the first goal remained faithful to ‘Los Reyes de Europa’ as the clamor disoriented City, while Real Madrid found their heaven in it. The goal that sealed Real Madrid’s magical night and the ticket to Paris came from the talismanic Frenchman, Karim Benzema. Ruben Dias left bewildered by the Real Madrid equalizer in the last minute of regulation time, couldn’t do much more than to make a rash challenge at Benzema in the penalty area. Some of us had a little doubt after Benzema’s recent penalty-taking history, but the man is made for these kinds of moments. The rolling ball graced by Benzema’s right foot patiently made its way to the right corner, sending Ederson the wrong way.

There have been moments throughout history when the ability, passion, and zeal of Real Madrid have been questioned but over and over again, Real Madrid has shown why there’s royalty in their name.

“Twas always thus, and always thus will be”


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