Ep. 11 – Clusterf$%k

  • 01:07:24
  • November 9, 2020

The game against Valencia can be summed up in one word. And that word is…clusterf$%k.

Once again it seems that the tables have turned again for Madrid. After a win versus Huesca last weekend and a hard-fought but much-needed win versus Inter Milan midweek, it seemed that Madrid was on its way to righting the ship that had been sailing erratically. 

But this is 2020, my fellow Madridistas…the year of COVID, the year of a global pandemic, and a year where it seems that nothing…absolutely nothing, is ever as it seems. 

Happiness is short-lived, misery seems always be lurking around the corner.  And in this case for Madridistas that misery is not only injury but now COVID.

Just when Madridistas were excited to see Eden Hazard back on the pitch, the current state of the world had to come in and mess everything up.  Hazard and Casemiro tested positive for COVID-19 and thus would miss this weekend’s match versus Valencia. 

As every Madridista knows…Real Madrid has no substitute for Casemiro.  And when Casemiro is not on the pitch our ability to defend is left exposed. 

And this year with Varane in what can only be described as a shocking run of form, as well as multiple injuries at right-back, it is as if our only defense is Ramos and Courtois. 

In this episode, we discuss the clusterf$%k of a game that was Real Madrid’s visit to Valencia. Although, it didn’t start badly. A combination of bad decisions, bad luck, and lack of confidence made things go from bad to worse.


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