Real Madrid have had their fair share of magical nights in European football. The 13-time European Champions feel at home in the Champions League. It’s almost as if they feel it’s their duty to win it. Every player wearing the royal white jersey seems to somehow be able to conjure up something extra, something intangible, something…MAGIC. They run faster, they fight harder, and simply play as if the likes of Di Stefano, Puskas, and Gento are pushing them along.

But even with a long list of past magical European nights…Real Madrid’s “remontada” victory over PSG at the Santiago Bernabeu was just as special. A 17-minute hat-trick from Karim Benzema helped Real Madrid overcome a 0-2 deficit and sent PSG crashing out of the Champions League.

The reality is that PSG even with its billionaire owners and multi-million dollar star-studded lineup was and is not a team. And last night they crashed face-first into a legendary institution whose players understand how important it is to play as a team and represent their colors. PSG was a group of individuals who are very talented at playing football…but are not a TEAM.

They lost against a young and hungry squad that had two LEADERS in Karim Benzema and Luka Modrić pulling the strings. They never gave up, the fans never lost faith, and Real Madrid once again proved why they are 13-time European champions.

In this episode of the podcast, we discuss what was yet another epic win in Real Madrid’s history. Later this week we look to link up with YNM contributors Trambak B and Helal Uddin to dive even deeper into this match and continue to celebrate what was yet another epic win for Los Blancos.

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