In this episode of the Y Nada Mas Podcast, we rant. We simply rant. While many Madridistas still want to act like it’s ok to lose against Barcelona because Real Madrid are leading the league, we are of the mindset that it is unacceptable to ever “relax” or not play your best against your biggest and most hated rival.

Once again Real Madrid are humiliated by Barcelona in the Santiago Bernabeu and the worst part of it is that this could have been avoided. The team lacked attitude but worst of all the tactics employed by Ancelotti were a complete failure. Perplexing choices that made a Barcelona that is still in the rebuilding phase look like a golden era Barcelona.

Yes, we may still win the league, yes, we are in the Champions League and still fighting. But to lose against your biggest rival, AGAIN, by a lopsided scoreline is unnerving but especially because with some better coaching and a better attitude, it could have been avoided.

With that said, this is Real Madrid and we will be back and we laugh at our rivals again on some other occasion. However, seemingly capitulating to Barcelona simply because you hold a lead in the league is a terrible look.

Changes need to be made at Real Madrid. Yes, it’s just one game but the problem is the future looks unsustainable if we don’t make changes to the aging and weak positions in our squad and play with a more structured approach.

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