Real Madrid has done it. As we explain in this episode of the Y Nada Mas podcast, Real Madrid’s 35th LaLiga title, didn’t really come down to if they were going to win the title but when. Sevilla who had been chasing Real Madrid all season began to come apart as the season progressed.

Barcelona, who was enjoying a good run of form under Xavi and had beaten Real Madrid 4-0 in El Clásico began to lose steam and also lose points. The consistency of Real Madrid after the loss to Barcelona and the loss of form of their direct rivals allowed Real Madrid to claim the LaLiga title with 4 games left in their domestic season.

However, while Madridistas are no doubt elated by the 35th title win for Los Blancos, the second leg of the Champions League semi-final versus Manchester City looms large.

The first leg gave football fans a seven-goal thriller that has become an instant classic. Both teams were able to score but both teams made grave mistakes. Manchester City came away with a one-goal advantage winning the game 4-3 at the Etihad but this is a Real Madrid that has been used to having their backs against the wall this season and is also used to the pressure and anxiety of Champions League nights. Manchester City will also now have to face Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu…which is without a doubt a place where Los Blancos seem to conjure up magic even when defeat looks certain.

Will Real Madrid send the Citizens home? It will be difficult but not impossible. We feel that despite the 1-goal disadvantage…Real Madrid might be the team with the better chances to win. And not because they are necessarily the better football team but because this team seems to snatch wins from the jaws of defeat consistently and as Luka Modric says…”never gives up”.

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