After months of speculation but very little doubt about the outcome, Karim Benzema is officially the 2022 Ballon D’Or winner. He is the “Karim” of the crop! Oh, sorry about the terrible pun but we had to do it.

After almost 14 years at Real Madrid, countless moments of magic, struggles, and perseverance, Monsieur Karim Benzema rightfully etched his name into the upper echelon of footballers who have won the Ballon D’Or trophy.

It’s not a trophy that comes without controversy, detractors, etc…and in this podcast, we discuss our own problems with the sought-after golden ball. But regardless of what you think about the trophy and the often cringe-worthy pomp and circumstance that surrounds it, no one deserved it more in 2022 than Karim Benzema.

Top scorer in La Liga, Top scorer in the UEFA Champions League, and an integral part of Real Madrid’s 14th Champions League and 35th La Liga title runs, Karim Benzema truly had no competition last season.

In this episode, we discuss Real Madrid’s current status, Barcelona’s woes, Karim Benzema’s Ballon D’Or win, and of course, we take some time to talk about Real Madrid coming in 3rd for France Football’s new “Best Club” award. All this and more in Ep. 65 of the Y Nada Mas Podcast. Give it a listen!

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