We should be used to it by now, Madridistas. Real Madrid has a few bad games, they look terrible, they lose to our bitter rivals, and they make us feel like all is lost. And yet, Los Blancos, throughout their history have the uncanny ability to claw victory from the jaws of defeat. To turn things around just when all but the most faithful lose hope.

After a loss to Villarreal in La Liga and a bitter defeat to Barcelona in the Supercopa final, Real Madrid clawed their way back from 2-0 down to defeat Villarreal in the Copa del Rey and then defeated the always-tough Athletic Club 2-0 in La Liga. Both of those games were played away from home, in hostile territory, in stadiums that have always been difficult for Los Blancos.

It seems the post-holiday, early 2023 slump is coming to an end. But are was back yet? Well, Real Madrid seemingly looks like a team that is beginning to find its rhythm again. And if there is one thing this team has taught their haters over the years, it’s that just when you think you have them beat, they can turn things around and crush your dreams.

In this episode, we discuss Real Madrid’s come-from-behind win versus Villarreal in the Copa Del Rey, their win over Athletic Club, the unlikely heroes from these two fixtures, and more!

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