This episode of Quick Take is a bit longer than our first one which was available exclusively on our social media channels – we really are trying to keep them short i.e 2 to 5 mins – but still not long enough to be considered a YNM podcast episode. And that’s for good reason…we honestly don’t think this whole Mbappé situation merits more than a quick rant. So here it is…our final thoughts on Mbappé’s decision and the drama surrounding it. From now on our focus is on the UCL final, as it should be!

If we have a Quick Take episode that runs longer than 10 minutes, we will probably post it as an episode on our podcast feed. But to follow more Quick Takes follow us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook where these short videos will be posted. If they run a little bit longer than usual we will post them as episodes here on our YouTube Channel and our podcast feed.

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