We had recorded an episode after the Real Madrid vs Sevilla match and were getting ready to publish it and then watched the Ballon D’Or ceremony and decided we had to comment on it since everyone is commenting on it.

So in this episode, we discuss the Ballon D’Or/Fraud D’Or controversy, the win over Sheriff Tiraspol, the win over Sevilla, and the continuing rise of Real Madrid’s new icon, Vinicius Jr.

Messi FC which is the football version of rabid K-Pop fans will no doubt get angry with the fact that we were not happy about Messi winning his 7th Balon D’Or but the anger many are feeling regarding the Balon D’Or revolves more around France Football denying Robert Lewandowski of an accolade that pretty much everyone unanimously agrees until 2020, glossing over it with some half-assed attempt at a “new” award, and basically leaving him without football’s biggest prize which he rightfully earned.

Anyway, the detractors can feel free to flame away!

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