In this episode of the podcast, we are joined by YNM contributors Trambak B. & Helal Uddin. It’s safe to say that every Madridista is still riding high after the comeback win over PSG this past Wednesday at the Santiago Bernabeu. The memories of the night are still fresh and because Real Madrid doesn’t play again until Monday, we decided to once again relive the game but also discuss what this big night could mean for Madrid going forward in the UCL.

Will this win cause a change in Ancelotti’s sometimes stubborn style of coaching and give Valverde and Camavinga more playing time when Los Blancos face teams that like to press high and attack? Will Rodrygo start over Asensio? How are our chances against the more organized, more consistent teams in Europe such as Manchester City, Bayern Munich, or Liverpool?

Where else does Real Madrid need to make changes? Even if we get Mbappé, is that enough?

There is still a lot left to discuss after the win over PSG and of course still a lot more to celebrate. Sevilla dropped points this weekend as well so Real Madrid is also in a prime position to extend their lead in La Liga even further with a win over Mallorca. By the time you finish listening to this Real Madrid’s grip on the La Liga title race could be even tighter.

Que bonito es ser del Madrid / It’s so nice to be a Madrid fan


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